Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Egg

It started one day with a crack in the egg,
It quivered and shook and out popped a leg.
Then out popped another and out came a wing,
And then a third leg, what a curious thing!
The hens gathered round and watched with great awe,
They weren't quite prepared for the next thing they saw...
The eggshell flew open with a great burst of flame,
And there sat a dragon, A DRAGON! The shame!
This wasn't a chick, all fluffy and yellow,
It was a 4-legged, green-scaly young fellow.
A ruckus broke out as the hens fled in fright,
But mother hen stayed and hugged her charge tight.
"Come back, silly hens," she called to the brood,
"What a terrible welcome, why are you so rude?"
Then she told them the tale of a she-dragon weeping,
As she left with the hens her young egg for safe-keeping.
For the dragons are hunted almost to extinction,
By brave princes of the old folk-tale distinction.
Dragon-mother wanted her child to be safe,
And hoped that the hens would care for the young waif.
The hens clucked together and mused for a bit,
Then one of them thought of a great benefit.
It gets freezing in winter in the old chicken dorm,
And a dragon would certainly help them keep warm.
So the dragon became an honorary hen,
Loved and clucked over again and again.


  1. Adorable - a great children's book this would make!

  2. Thanks Erin, that's boosted my confidence no end. x