Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Purple Pain


Today I am in the middle of writing a short note to a prospective penpal. I am using my favourite pen, a candy-striped Parker fountain pen which has blue ink in the cartridge. 3 sentences in the ink runs out. Yes, bad planning but hey, I can change to a funkier colour (and the new penpal will think I'm 'special') - so I select violet and proceed to change the cartridges. All is going well until I realise the new cartridge is not compatible with my pen.....but the seal has popped open. "No problem" I think, I'll just transfer the new ink to the old cartridge using a clean syringe (sick rat - another story), slight problem that I have no needles to help draw it up, but I'll manage. I squeeze the violet ink into a spoon and suck it up into the syringe; the end of the empty cartridge just fits over the syringe-end - all is going well..... until the last couple of milligrams when the ink blows back!!!!! There I am, violet fingers, violet grout now surrounding the kitchen tiles, delicate purple dots festooning my tshirt. I clean up as quickly as possible - realisation slowly dawning that this beautifully vibrant colour is not, I repeat not, coming off my skin..... I check the packaging and one word leaps out... PERMANENT.... OMG! Did any hit my face??? Luckily not. After trying exfoliator I call a friend. Once she has stopped laughing we decide on a mixture of borax and sugar. I rub and rub and rub - there is no movement, I seem destined to be a purple pixie; but as I rinse my hands under the running water the ink runs away!! Result!! As a bonus my hands are as smooth as silk, and normal colour once again.

Just one thing before you go.... now I know how to remove the ink, do I go for the full comedic effect of coating my hands in ink, or will this game of fate-temptation backfire???? hmmm......

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