Monday, 22 June 2009

Brief encounter

It happened by chance, the day that love came,
They'd ne'er before met, and wouldn't again.
Caught up in the crowd, the wet hustle and bustle,
Pulled this way and that in the ensuing tussle.
So when things were calmer, the both looked around,
Each spotting the other, the feeling profound.
And so side-by-side they were joined at the hip,
In fact they were sharing a wooden clothes clip.
For knickers and boxers they were respectively were,
And pegged on the line, their love it did stir.
A beautiful day, spent there in the sun,
Flirting and laughing, they had so much fun.
Unitl things went wrong in a cruel twist of fate,
And a sad, sudden end was brought to their date.
They were put in a basket and taken indoors,
Folded and put into separate drawers.
Now they think of each other most of the time,
And hope for reunion on the long washing line.

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