Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bank Holiday Blues

Well, it's Bank Holiday Week.... the kids are off school and, yes you guessed it, the weather is cold and miserable. It all went wrong on Saturday - we had a lovely day planned at an adventure farm with some friends - it rained. Not to be deterred we headed up to Newcastle to LIFE, which was cool (and we caught the Dr Who exhibition too!). Sunday and Monday were spent watching Star Wars episodes 1-5 (we ran out of time for episode 6 - to be watched at the weekend), tending to the container veggies, surfing t'internet and making a felt picture for the kitchen (so pleased with it!). Today has been kid-entertaining, so Raymond had a friend to play (goodness knows what 9 and 10 year olds do besides playing DS's) and Jade watched The Wizard of Oz (again). I had a delivery of glass rods and am desperate to get some torch time in (not the best idea with a nosy 5 year old...) - roll on bedtime!!! Also 'imminent' is the arrival of the VirginMedia man to replace our modem - any time between 4 and 7pm, you know it's gonna be 6.45pm! lol.

Tomorrow we have the car and can't decide where to go.... let's see if it rains....

Bead Barmy Blog


Hi guys, I just wanted to direct you to Bead Barmy's blog. It's really accessible with tutorials, news, features on other beading groups, competitions, surveys, discounts. Anyway, check it out, you won't regret it - Jo is really lovely and funny too. :D