Monday, 22 June 2009

This is me

I suppose I should really tell you a bit about me.... maybe convince you to come back and read about my latest exploits/poetry/ramblings.... let's face it, probably ramblings, I seem to live on a soapbox lately, lol.

So, I'm Tracey, (that's me on the left), 34, married to lee for 9 years in August. We have 2 lovely children, Raymond is almost 10 and Jade is almost 5. For 13 years I was a dental nurse, not realising this was a career until I left work to adopt our kids. I miss work, well, I miss the people. Well,
some of them.... ;o) We have a dog Lucy, some tropical fish and 9 fancy rats - yes, you read that correctly, 9 rats. Yes, by choice. No, they're not dirty, they're actually very clean and are very intelligent. But the rats are a future blog posting. I love animals and couldn't imagine life without them... I am working on Lee to let us have something new living with us.... :o)

What else? Well, I like to craft: jewellery making, beading, knitting, crochet, patchwork, quilting, sewing, cross stitch. I tend to embrace a new hobby whole-heartedly; usually by almost bankrupting us buying everything I need... and it's not very often I complete a project! I do myself an injustice, since I discovered jewelling, I have made lots of items; maybe this is a new leaf eh? :o) I also read. A lot. It's not unusual for me to go through 6+ books in a week, which is why I need to visit the library more and not the bookstore....

You may have noticed poetry mentioned previously - I dabble in this medium from time to time. Most of the time it rhymes. Usually it is amusing or aimed at children, occasionally it is darker. Is it any good? Well, if you smile/laugh/connect with it, then I consider that a success. Grammatical correctness often has to go out of the window for the rhythm, but that just appeals to the (law-abiding, scaredy-cat) rebel in me ;o). When I get around to posting some poetry, feel free to throw your praise (or rotten tomatoes - although praise is preferable) my way.

I love to plan things, making a list is such a source of pleasure to me. Often my plans never get off the paper, but hey, I can't call myself a procrastinator if all my plans come to fruition can I?? Future plans include learning to make glass beads, learning to use silver clay, learning Spanish, finding a housework routine, to see the Northern Lights, to host an amazing dinner party, to renew my wedding vows in Vegas with Elvis officiating. I shall let you know how I get on, or dazzle you with my excuses for it not happening.....

Well, I must go, I really need to get on with the washing up (actually, I think I'll make a cuppa and surf the net a little more). Thank you for stopping by, please come again, it was lovely chatting. But one thing... next time bring cake ;o)

Au Revoir - see, Spanish!!! ;o)

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