Friday, 28 August 2009


Her face glows serenely, benevolently; just looking at her fills me with an inner peace no other can provide.

My heartbeat slows, my breathing quiets, my brain calms; I could gaze upon this tranquil beauty until the end of time.

I feel myself soften under her radiance; she makes me feel alone, but happily so.

Whenever I catch a glimpse, I feel privileged, special, favoured; I spend hours waiting for her to appear and it's not often I get to see the whole of her....

She is worshipped by many, revered for her powers; I can see the attraction to this deifying of the object of my admiration.

the last thing I do before climbing into bed is take a peek out of the window at her - my beautiful moon.

My latest offering on Six Sentences, a website where writers are as creative as possible using, you guessed it, only six sentences.

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